Out of the Closet (Formerly published as “I Hate You Bud Lite Lime-A-Rita”)

I had previously published this under an anonymous name on another blog I had created to talk about this subject of alcoholism. A subject which I am very familiar with. Now I am finally in a place where I am no longer denying and hiding. I hate you, Bud Light Lime Lime-A-Rita. I hate that you […]

We Stuff Pillows With Them, After All

I drive home after work on an idyllic Spring day last week, taking the Mill Street shortcut to view the magnificent flowering trees, the tranquil pond, the various waterfowl and a lone white swan, swimming languidly through the sun-warmed water. Peacefulness settles over me. Traveling on the road ahead, a large black SUV, moving faster than the posted 25 […]

Kids React to Controversial Cheerios Commercial

I never did understand why this commercial, which General Mills aired last year, featuring a multi-racial couple and their child, was so controversial. When I’d read of the hateful feedback received from thousands of people on the company’s website and on YouTube, I was stunned and saddened. Obviously, I was not the only one. It […]

Merry Christmas?

Haven’t much enjoyed the Christmas season for awhile, now. My dad passed away a few days before Christmas, 3 years ago. The kids are all grown and have not yet provided me with little ones to spoil. Those magical moments of buying new toys, fun learning games and adorable clothes are not generally a part […]

The New Face of Domestic Terrorism

This morning, after hundreds of local law enforcement spent the entire night trying to find a gun-wielding, motor-cycle helmet wearing young male, dressed all in black, in the mall less than a mile down the road from where I live, we learned that the gunman was found dead in the construction area of a newly […]

Social Media Stages of Growth

Okay, I’ll admit it. I’m a nerd. Worse yet, I’m one of those 50 something-year-old mothers who, once I really got the hang of it, became addicted to Facebook. My two oldest immediately jumped the Facebook ship and now post on Instagram and other social media sites and refuse my friend requests. They make fun […]

Hot, Hot, Hot!

Just returned from a morning out doing doctors appointments with my daughter, and then being treated to brunch out after all our bloodwork was through. Getting into and out of my dark colored car, it was difficult to breathe in those first few minutes before the air conditioning kicked in and blessedly cooled down the […]

We All Need a Little Tenderness…how can love survive in such a graceless age?

I live in northern New Jersey. New Jersey is a pretty small state. Not as small as some, but fairly small as far as these United States go. Last fall, we were hit with a terrible natural disaster. I don’t live on the beach or ‘down the shore’ as most of us native Joisey-ites know […]