Am I actually smiling while standing outside in 5 degree temperatures and 20 mph winds? With snow piling up all around? Was this a dream?

No, it was real, all of it. I took pictures to prove it. The lightest, driest, diamond-like flakes of snow had fallen all day long. I’m not employed at the moment, so I decided to suck it up and do my part to shovel (one of my most hated jobs) and was just delighted by this particular snow.

Where I live, snow is usually wet and heavy and takes down the overhead power lines while leaving us without power for days when it falls in the quantities it fell on Wednesday. But the polar vortex, making the headlines hourly, actually provided us with the type of snow that most skiers talk about, powder.

It was light and airy. It was not back-breaking work to shovel throughout the day. But the biggest surprise came toward the end of the day, when I went out for my last dig. Turning the overhead lights on over the back deck revealed the most beautiful, take your breath away, diamond-like world. It was just beautiful, and it was a wonderful feeling to be happy about it. I wish I had a really good camera which could capture the beauty of the twinkling, sparkling flakes of frozen precipitation all around me. But me, smiling in the picture above, is all I’ll need to remind me of this day when my middle-aged self felt child-like wonder at snowflakes once again! 2014-01-21 20.46.032014-01-21 20.45.302014-01-21 20.45.47

6 thoughts on “Snow!

  1. Oh, hey, it looks like my balcony! I’m glad you’re enjoying the snow. Sometimes, especially in my area, people do nothing but complain about the snow. I think it’s snowed four days this week, and I have snow on the floorboards of my car that’s a month old cuz it just won’t melt. But it still is beautiful. When it’s coming down in big flakes it looks like a snowglobe.

  2. I feel bad for people who don’t like winter – I figure, if you live where there’s four seasons, you should embrace them all! I actually LIKE winter and would rather be cold than hot (it has to do with having too much ‘insulation’!) . . . smile. . . .nice post!

    • Carmen, I’ve never really been a lover of winter, although I’ve lived where there are 4 seasons since the day I was born. I don’t love summer either. I guess it’s the extreme lows and the extreme highs, as well as N’oreasters and Hurricanes. If I could live anywhere I choose, I would live in San Diego, California! Thanks for your compliment on the post.

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