Hot, Hot, Hot!

Just returned from a morning out doing doctors appointments with my daughter, and then being treated to brunch out after all our bloodwork was through. Getting into and out of my dark colored car, it was difficult to breathe in those first few minutes before the air conditioning kicked in and blessedly cooled down the car’s interior. I silently expressed my gratitude for the miracle of car a/c and cheerfully headed home.

I noticed all of the pedestrians, mostly the elderly and poor, walking more slowly than usual, with their arms bearing their bags of daily groceries and incidentals. I felt a twinge of guilt for being in a vehicle with a/c while they either chose to or had to walk in this blazing heat, the 4th day of well-above 90 degree temperatures here in the Northeast. 

Stopping at a changing light, the car ahead of me nearly mowed down an elderly woman carrying two armfuls of bags, in order to beat the red light. I was aghast. After practically jumping back to the curb, she composed herself and proceeded to continue walking across the street, where she was promptly berated by a young woman who had the green light and was furious that this old woman, sweating and carrying her heavy bags, should cause HER, in her fully air conditioned car, to come close to missing the light and have to WAIT another cycle to get across the intersection. How dare she? 

Another day in paradise. Watch out for cool young women becoming flaming hot over your crossing against the light.


2 thoughts on “Hot, Hot, Hot!

  1. Reading your post has made me so angry. I don’t have a car so I am a bus rider/pedestrian. You’d be surprised how often I’ve had to save my life by jumping out of the way of a car. And to yell at an elderly woman just trying to get home is disgusting. Now you’ve got me up on a soap box. lol

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